VOIP for Small to Medium Sized Businesses in the UK

Our phone systems are particularly suited to small to medium businesses and start-ups looking for an affordable cloud based phone system with a range of features. We also have many large businesses with multiple branches and sites who use VoIP telephone systems from us.

Simple to set up, use and maintain, a business phone system from Call Cloud is adaptable to your business, helping you to save money and improve efficiency. Find out how a VoIP telephone system could suit your business better than a traditional copper wire system.

Easy to Install and Maintain

VoIP telephone systems are quick and easy to set up and typically have less maintenance involved than traditional phones. Your new system can be up and running in days - you can even do it yourself with the help of our handy Webinar. With no bulky hardware involved, costly maintenance and support can be avoided, saving your business time and money.

Simple Remote Working

It’s quick and easy to use a VoIP handset from home or anywhere outside the office - all you need is an ethernet datapoint, it can then be configured as an additional extension to your office phone system. A Call Cloud business phone system is perfect for those who have multiples offices, shops or sites and those whose staff regularly work in a range of locations, whether that be hot-desking, on different sites, whilst staying away on business in a hotel at home or abroad.

Save your Business Money

One of the fantastic features of a Call Cloud VoIP phone system is the ability to use our mobile app to integrate your smartphone as if it were an office extension giving you ultimate portability. Wherever you use your phone, even overseas, you will be able to make internal office calls for free or dial to another UK telephone number at local call rates. With fixed monthly costs which includes all the hardware, software and calls that you need, a VoIP phone system can be very cost effective.

Flexible and Expandable

For small businesses and start-ups, a VoIP office phone system from Call Cloud is the ideal solution. Our office phone systems come with a wide range of included features and add-ons which you can pick and choose to suit your business. As your business develops and grows it’s simple to add extra lines and handsets as and when required.

For an inexpensive and reliable office phone system for your business, contact Call Cloud on 0333 006 3091. We can help new businesses get started or replace existing systems. For an instant quote in six easy steps, come and try our online quotation builder.