UK Carbody

UK Carbody

UK Carbody has been a Berry customer since 2012 and has recently upgraded its system to the Ericsson-LG platform due to its superior feature set and potential cost saving on calls.

UK Carbody was established in 2000 after two former car body shops merged and it is now Bristol’s premier accident repair centre. With an annual turnover of nearly £3m and 46 employees, UK Carbody’s set-up spans 2.2 acres which allows them to service a staggering 80 cars each week.

Initially visited by Berry Sales Director Simon Langford, UK Carbody chose the Berry platform because it gave them a system that was very easy to use and enabled them to more efficiently direct calls to the right people. UK Carbody has always been pleased with the after sales service it’s received from Berry, and so when it was presented with the opportunity to make extra savings on calls, they upgraded to the new Ericsson-LG iPECS platform.

Due to the hybrid nature of the Ericsson-LG system, in that it can support both the traditional PBX set-up as well as VoIP, UK Carbody has now installed VoIP phones at the homes of two remote workers. These homeworkers are now just additional extensions of the main phone system. Berry’s Call Reporting feature has also been useful, the repair centre’s management team now keep a track of call volumes to ensure adequate resource is available where and when required. UK Carbody Managing Director, Devin Cavanagh said the most invaluable feature they have is the Call Recording application, he went on to say:

“Call recording has helped us out so many times. It just helps to clear up any confusion on who agreed what, which is so important for our customers and the insurance companies we deal with. We’ve been able to resolve any disputes rapidly, meaning we can just get on with the job in hand.”

Another feature that UK Carbody singled out was Caller ID. The repair centre said that knowing who is calling before the call is picked up has been a really nice touch for their customers, it’s helped them to deliver an elevated level of professionalism.

Having had its expectations exceeded with the Ericsson-LG system and the service from Callcloud, UK Carbody recently put forward Berry as a potential preferred supplier to the National Body Repair Association (NBRA). NBRA has this month signed an agreement which means Berry will now be the recommended telecoms supplier to all of their 700+ association members. Read the press release for more information about the new Berry and NBRA partnership. 

To summarise his experience with Callcloud, UK Carbody Managing Director Devin said:

“We do recommend Berry as we’ve found Berry to be a very forward-thinking organisation and the staff and directors are genuinely nice people. It’s been great to work alongside Berry, watching both businesses grow together.”