H Tuckwell & Sons Ltd - Customer Case Study

H Tuckwell and Sons Ltd - Customer Case Study

H. Tuckwells are a Ready Mix Concrete, aggregate and construction material supplier. Established since 1843, they have 38 staff and sites in and around Oxfordshire. They rely on their Berry business telephone system to manage approximately 1000 calls a day and love the features.  H. Tuckwells came over to Callcloud in 2013, and then upgraded in 2016. The upgrade went seamlessly, and James is happy to recommend Berry to other companies he knows. 

When asked about the favourite feature the system offers him, James said “The call recording is phenomenal, you could charge ten times as much and it would still be good value for money”.  He then went on to explain how capturing order information, delivery addresses and contact details, made managing the orders and payments so much easier and quibble free. James said “if anyone disputes what they ordered, and the costs agreed, I can offer to send over the recording for them to listen to, it takes the hassle out of the situation”.

With the business being based across a mixture of office environment, and on site, reliability was key for H. Tuckwells. When Berry Sales Director, Simon Langford visited James, he explained that they had previous issues with their phone lines being brought down by fallen trees during storms. As many of the quarries are in remote areas, James chose a VOIP solution for greater reliability and better disaster recovery options.

James said he loves the service and support he receives from Berry. He acknowledges that whilst Berry are not the cheapest supplier on the market, that you get what you pay for, and he’d rather have peace of mind.  When asked why H. Tuckwells  would recommend Callcloud, James said:

“ We’d recommend Berry because they offer a reliable and cost effective service. We trust Berry, and value their recommendations, we’ve been very pleased with everything they have done for us so far”.