Grange Mortgages

Grange Mortgages

A loyal Berry customer since 2013, Grange Mortgage & Protection Services renewed its contract this year, and updated to a new Ericsson LG system VOIP Phone system, to meet the needs of its expanding business.

Established in 2005, Grange Mortgage & Protection Services has grown steadily, and now has 25 staff. As experts offering a wide range of mortgage and insurance options, Grange specialise in mortgages for the new build market, and work alongside many big developers countrywide. Based in Northampton, with some staff being remote working consultants, Grange wanted a business telephone system that would offer seamless communications between colleagues and clients, regardless of where they were in the UK.

When Berry Sales Director, Simon Langford, visited Grange’s founders and directors, Daniel and Emma Mumford, they discussed how to manage the high call volume efficiently, and keep customer service levels high. Simon recommended using hunt groups to ensure phones were answered swiftly, and showed them how they could use Phone-link software to see who was calling in before they answered the phone. Phone Link also allows users to see all extensions, and whether they are on the phone or not, message amongst each other, easily transfer calls on screen or via the handsets, and add new contacts with a couple of clicks, as well as dialling out from their screen, giving greater efficiency to call handling.

To enable business mobile users to be part of the system, Simon also showed Daniel the UCS App. This allows users to make and take calls from their mobiles as part of the phone system. They gain all the facilities of the system, without having to have a desk phone, and can be reached wherever they are, whatever the hour.

Now, Daniel’s team have a cohesive approach to call management that offers greater flexibility. Call costs have fallen, and Grange are better enabled to serve their customers. Grange can move forward confident that the system can support them and grow with the business in the years to come.

When asked why Grange Mortgage & Protection Services would recommend Berry, Daniel Said:

“ We’d recommend Berry because they are lovely people, we can always get through to someone, and get assistance when we need it. The install was seamless, Berry did a great job, we’re very happy with Berry”.