How Small Businesses Can Reconnect using VoIP

Over the past few months it has been hard for many businesses to stay connected with their teams. With the rise of remote working and the general inability to reach many members of staff, it can be tough to create the meaningful collaboration necessary for many smaller teams to thrive. There has been a massive surge in technology dedicated to trying to replicate the office environment and ‘water cooler culture’ that many teams are used to, with varying degrees of success. At CallCloud we believe that the solution lies in technology that many businesses already use, and that is VoIP.


For many small and growing businesses, VoIP phone systems are already part of the daily communication processes. They are regarded as an industry standard due to their flexibility, range of features and general ease of use. The upcoming 2025 ISDN switch-off has led to an increased adoption rate of VoIP, but the Covid 19 pandemic and the remote working boom has massively accelerated this process.


With this in mind, we have put together a list of some of the most important moves that businesses can make to get the most out of their VoIP systems, and some of the qualities that might convince you to invest in one of these solutions if you haven’t already.



Utilise Cloud Communications Anywhere


One of the greatest benefits that a VoIP system can grant any business is the ability to work effectively regardless of location. No matter what device you use, from deskphones, mobiles and tablets to PCs, you can access a VoIP system’s range of features and tools. This goes beyond just making and receiving calls though; you can also host video conferences with your team. This allows you to create a true sense of rapport with people that can easily replicate the collaborative environment you would expect from the office.


Small businesses especially can use this portability to best effect. Unlike larger firms who have the ability to socially distance staff effectively within their premises, or have the space on-site to host more traditional phone system, smaller teams need a service that can work on the go or at home. VoIP services function at their best no matter where they are plugged in; all you need is a reliable internet connection to start working. Audio quality is never an issue as VoIP systems provide crystal clear quality through any situation.


Call Handling Features


When it comes to the helpful features that VoIP systems provide, there are two absolute standouts for small businesses looking to reconnect with their customers and colleagues. The first of these is advanced call queuing. Many smaller teams often become overwhelmed with calls during peak hours, leading to customers being kept on hold for a long time, or even leaving entirely. VoIP systems come equipped with handy call queuing features that let you redefine that process. When a customer is on hold, instead of grainy music, provide them with helpful information or even make use of on-hold marketing to advertise some of your products.


Another helpful feature that will stop customers having to wait is call forwarding. This simply means that you can assign deskphones or even mobiles to receive calls if the main operator is busy. This is ideal for those peak times where your receptionist is constantly on the phone. Perhaps you have more than one location, with one site inundated with calls and the other not so busy. Call forwarding allows you to share the workload and stay in touch with customers with ease.


Rely on the Stats


Once you are working with a new phone system, you need to focus on refining your call processes to make sure you are getting the best out of it. The best way to do this is by looking at your Call Statistics. VoIP phone systems provide managers with plenty of useful information relating to call time, missed calls and more. You can even use these stats to drive a little bit of friendly competition within your workspace.


Improving your call processes is all about learning what to do with this data though. Call recording features let you monitor and analyse your team’s calls so you can work together to make the process run smoother. It is also a great way for small businesses to protect their staff and solve occasional “who said what” disputes.



Overall the best way to make the most of your new VoIP system is to make sure that you understand its capabilities. This system can bring about new possibilities in terms of flexible and remote working and those can’t be ignored in the current business climate. The added features are ideal for small and growing business, bringing you a newfound sense of convenience when dealing with both customers and colleagues.


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