How your Communications can help to improve customer service

Perfecting your customer service is one of the simplest ways to ensure business success. The majority of your business will likely stem from repeat customers and over 70% of people say that customer service is the key factor that will keep bringing them back. This shows just how crucial it is to get this process right. The technology that your team uses has a big part to play in making sure that your customer has a good experience with your business. If their calls are handled quickly and their questions are answered properly then they are far more likely to leave feeling appreciated. It is vital then that they have the right tools for the job, especially in regard to their communications. Here is our guide on what your communication services can do to drive your customer service experience forward.


How to Never Miss a Call:


A very quick way to put off any potential customers is to not answer their calls promptly, so making sure that no calls are missed has to be a priority. Modern VoIP phone systems come equipped with call transfer features that intelligently allow you to direct calls to an operator who is available, whether they are in the office or at home, even seeing who is online at any time to handle the call. You can assign call groups so calls will be directed to the next free operator on any specific team, so your customers always get directed to the right person rather than waiting in a queue. Directing customers to tech or customer support teams right away allows them to resolve issues much faster.


All of these useful features are not only ideal for improving your customer service but also make life easier for your staff by making remote work easier and generally simplifying their call experience. They can be accessed with ease through a VoIP phone system.


The Benefits of Automation:


Mistakes happen when you’re under pressure, and handling every part of your call process manually can quickly get overwhelming. Thankfully VoIP phone systems have many ways to make the process simpler and more beneficial to your business as a whole.


Being left on hold is never fun, but you can use this time to communicate useful information to your customers with professionally recorded on hold marketing features. Whether it is opening times, new product information or just a new marketing pitch, making use of this time can really improve customer perception of your business. Of course, your customer won’t be on hold forever and when it’s time to communicate, your VoIP system can handle any task with ease.


Look at the Stats:


One of the biggest and best customer service features that VoIP comes with is advanced call analytics, recording and reporting. At any time, you can check a range of statistics to see how well your calls are being received, see which staff are performing at their best and find new ways to improve. Simple call recording features allow you to sit down with your teams and analyse what went well about their call process and how they can be made even better. This sounds simple, but customer service is all about nailing a process, and being able to analyse your work is an incredibly useful tool in that journey.


You can integrate your VoIP phone system with a whole range of useful CRMs and other business software packages, so you can get a full picture of how your customer service endeavours have improved your business’ margins.


Customer Service from Home:


When your staff is working from home their communication capabilities do not have to suffer. Modern VoIP phone systems come equipped with many features that make remote working easier and more effective than ever. Plug your VoIP handset in anywhere with an internet connection and your team can communicate efficiently and effectively. Even when working remotely, the call quality of a VoIP system remains unmatched, so your customers will always have a positive call experience.


Even if you’re on the go, the features of your VoIP handset can be accessed via your mobile, so you can make sure that your customer’s needs are met even if you can’t be at your desk. This extends to forwarding as well; if you’re out of the office and a customer calls, you can direct your number to your mobile and answer their questions with ease.


VoIP is designed to make customer service processes run as smoothly as possible, and a massive part of that is making sure that your team is working in a way that suits them.



We hope this guide has shown just how versatile modern cloud phone systems can be, and the great knock-on effect that adopting one of these systems can have on the everyday parts of your business. If you want to find out more, speak to one of our specialists at 0333 006 3091 or check out our VoIP system builder to find a service that is tailor made for your team.