How does a Cloud Phone System Work with the Rest of your Business Communications?

Cloud based VoIP phone systems are now one of the go-to pieces of technology when it comes to business communications. This is ideal for new and growing businesses who need a versatile system that can work with them in any situation. There are a range of benefits that VoIP brings to businesses, but many are left wondering how these new systems will integrate with the rest of their equipment and services. At Callcloud, we understand these concerns and want to help.


We have been supplying businesses with high-quality VoIP solutions for years and understand how crucial it is that they work alongside what you already have. So, we have put together this quick guide answering the common questions about how a VoIP system can integrate with your business communications and how this can be useful to your team. 


How Can VoIP Integrate with my Existing Phone System?

The answer to this is, with ease. As it operates over the Cloud, your VoIP system doesn’t need to interrupt any other phone services you already use. All you need to get up and running are handsets and an internet connection. You don’t have to experience any costly downtime for your other systems in order to get VoIP working at its best.

No matter what kind of phone system you currently use or how old it is, VoIP systems can work alongside them efficiently with no trouble at all. They also integrate perfectly with the apps you already use. Our Cloud service integrates with Outlook, Office 365, Sage, Salesforce and more. So whatever productivity or scheduling services your business makes use of, your phone system will be able to make use of them too.

Check out our website to see the full list of integrations.


Which Features of VoIP work well with my Existing Phone System?

The main draw for many businesses when looking at bringing in a VoIP solution is its versatility. Operating over the Cloud means you can access all the utility of a VoIP phone no matter where you are working. This flexibility can be used to augment your existing system in a variety of really exciting ways. 

Remote workers will benefit hugely from VoIP as it means that they can work at their best when they are out of the office. You can access your communications from anywhere, on just about any device and the call quality reaches the same high-quality as a traditional landline phone. 

VoIP comes with all the features you could possibly want from a business phone system. As well as high quality voice calls, it also has advanced video conferencing features, so even when you can’t be with your team you can always stay in touch. Helpful analytics are also included such as call monitoring and recording, so you can work on improving your call processes and ensure that everything is working well.

For more information about VoIP features that can benefit your team, check out our blog post about the ways that Cloud Based systems can help growing businesses.


How can VoIP help if something goes wrong?

We’ve mentioned VoIP’s inherent flexibility a few times today, but it really is crucial to the way it works. Cloud based systems come with a lot of adaptability and that can really help you if something goes wrong. If for some reason you are unable to access your office phone system, whether it’s an outage or natural disaster, your VoIP system will still work as you need it to.

Our cloud systems come with business continuity features built in, so if you can’t reach your existing system, we’ll still have you covered. Call forwarding allows you to automatically direct calls away from your office system and to a device of your choice, so even if you can’t be on site, you’ll never miss a call.

Using a VoIP system in conjunction with your existing phone service is great at mitigating downtime. If there is an outage and your phone network is out of action, you can still communicate easily using VoIP. For more of VoIP’s disaster recovery services, take a look at this blog post all about it.



We hope this has summed up nicely what a Cloud based communication system can offer your business in terms of augmenting your current system. If you have any questions at all about our specific services or any feature of VoIP that you think might benefit your team, then give us a call on 0333 006 3091.


Of course, VoIP works just as effectively on its own and is capable of powering businesses of any size and scale, why not try our system builder and create a VoIP solution that is right for your team.