Why is VoIP Perfect for Remote Workers?

Remote working looks like it is here to stay, at least for a while, so businesses are having to adapt faster than ever. At Callcloud we are looking at the long term, and we hope that by pointing businesses in the direction of the best technology for remote working, they will be able to adapt to these new circumstances in a more sustainable way.


In our minds, there is no better technology for keeping remote workers connected to both their colleagues and their customers than VoIP. VoIP is a phone service that operates over the internet rather than traditional fixed phone lines. This means it has a great range of versatility whilst still holding on to the functionality that a business phone system should have. Many people still have reservations about VoIP. This is completely understandable as many of our introductions to VoIP was through Skype in the mid 2000s, which wasn’t exactly the most reliable service. Times have changed though, and VoIP is increasingly being looked at as the new industry standard. We hope that we can dispel some of your concerns here, if you have any, and demonstrate why VoIP could be the system that your business needs to revitalise your remote staff.

How does VoIP function at home compared to the office?


Exactly the same! As VoIP phones work over the internet rather than fixed lines, they can provide the same level of service when you are working remotely as they can in the office. You can plug in a VoIP phone just about anywhere and be communicating at your best, all you need is a handset and an internet connection.


With VoIP you receive crystal clear audio quality that is just as good as a landline. This means that any role in your business can make use of the flexibility that VoIP provides whilst still presenting a professional image to your customers.


VoIP also integrates perfectly with the systems that your business already uses, from Microsoft 365, to Outlook to Salesforce, VoIP is incredibly intuitive and is very easy for your remote staff to get to grips with.


So, no matter whether you are at home or back in the office, or even on the go, VoIP allows you to work at a consistently high level of productivity wherever you are.


Is a VoIP system reliable?


VoIP systems are incredibly adaptable and are designed with plenty of safety measures in case something does go wrong. Unlike a traditional analogue PBX system, if there is an outage and your phone network goes down, VoIP systems can stay running. Likewise, if maintenance or installation of new phones is going on, they can still work just as well, so downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.


For remote workers though, the most important feature of VoIP is its focus on business continuity. If your phone system is inaccessible, whether it’s in an office you can’t access or you are working on the go, a VoIP phone allows you to reroute your calls to a different device. So, you can carry out your work to the same great standard via your mobile, laptop or deskphone. These business continuity features are fantastic for remote workers but also provide a safety net for your business in case any kind of unexpected scenario comes your way.


Is it Cost-effective to use VoIP?


This is a common concern and one we’re happy to dispel. VoIP can be substantially better for your business’ bottom line than a traditional phone system. This is due to the way that these systems operate. With a traditional phone system, there is a large upfront cost for installing the cabinets, servers and phone lines to get your system up and running, and similar maintenance costs follow. With VoIP it’s different.


If you work using a VoIP system then you only pay for what your business needs. As it operates over the internet, it functions more as a subscription-based service than a product you have to host yourself. The only thing your team needs to buy outright are handsets to communicate with. You only pay for the licenses you are using too, so if your team aren’t making use of their phone system due to working remotely, it won’t reflect poorly on your outgoings.


Many businesses are seeing the advantages of moving to a VoIP phone system. The low upfront costs combined with high audio quality and unlimited flexibility is a tempting prospect for any team. Combining this with the rise of remote working and you have a phone system that is tailor-made for the situation that many businesses are currently finding themselves in.


We know that no two businesses are alike, and that every team has different qualities that they would like to get out of their communications system. That’s why we’ve put together a VoIP system builder that can help you to find the best solution for your team. Take a look here https://www.callcloud.co.uk/system_builder, or if you have any questions give us a call on 0333 006 3091.