What is Business Continuity? And what can your phone system do to help?

 One of the most important qualities that a modern business must have is flexibility. Being able to access your work no matter the situation is absolutely critical to your team’s success. That’s why many businesses are coming up with disaster recovery and business continuity plans, to make sure that every aspect of business keeps operating efficiently, even if the workforce can’t be in the office.

Business continuity can come in a variety of forms, but communication is perhaps the most essential. Knowing that your team can still stay in touch with their colleagues as well as their customers means that your business can truly run smoothly even if the office is inaccessible.

A modern communication system should come with business continuity features as standard, and at Callcloud our VoIP phones are all designed with flexible working in mind. From making sure that your phone system works anywhere you need it to, to advanced call forwarding features, our systems come prepared to deal with any situation.

Here are all the business continuity and disaster recovery features of our VoIP phone systems and what they can do for your business.


How does Business Continuity help remote workers?

The rise of remote working has been unstoppable, as many of us have discovered that you can work just as effectively at home as you can in the office. So, whether you are implementing a planned remote working policy, or if the office is just inaccessible for whatever reason, our phone systems can help. A Callcloud VoIP phone system can be plugged in just about anywhere with an internet connection and will let you operate as a live user.

Whether you are working at home or anywhere else with an internet connection, a VoIP system lets you access all of the same great features that you’d expect to have in the office. Just plug your handset in and you’re away. This means you can equip your entire staff to work from home quickly and easily, without any disadvantage to them or your business as no functionality will be lost.


How can your mobile help?

This is a true next step for flexible communications. Our VoIP phones connect seamlessly with both a desktop and a mobile app. This means that you can access all the same great features of your office phone system on a mobile app. Of course, this is great for remote workers, but this also facilitates communicating on the go. Business continuity isn’t just about allowing for home working, it means that your team can work at their best, in any situation.

Our mobile app lets you make and receive business calls anywhere with the same level of professionalism that you would find in the office. If you make a call using the mobile app, your customer will see that it is coming from your main office phone number, rather than from your mobile number. These apps are simple and easy to use and can revolutionise the way your team communicates outside of the office.


What is Call Forwarding?

If something goes wrong and you can’t reach your office, if you need to deal with multiple sites or are just looking to handle a high amount of calls more effectively, then call forwarding could be the service you’re looking for. Call forwarding allows you to automatically reroute calls from one VoIP phone to another, or even to a mobile or desktop. This allows you to create truly a flexible working solution that both helps staff who can’t make it to the office and makes life easier for those who can.

Call forwarding means you can automatically reroute calls between multiple sites of your business, so different departments in your team never get overwhelmed. You can also easily redirect calls to your mobile, so if you can’t be in the office and you have left your VoIP phone behind, you can still work just as effectively.


All of these features combine to create a truly flexible communication system. Downtime can be absolutely disastrous for many businesses, and our selection of business continuity features help to mitigate this as much as possible. No matter if you are trying to implement home working as standard in your business, if your office is inaccessible or if you just want to make calls on the go, a VoIP phone system can make it work. This isn’t even scratching the service of what a Callcloud VoIP solution can offer your business though. From advanced call analytics that help you to make your processes more efficient, to easy video conferencing capabilities, the utility of these phones is limitless.

Get in touch and speak to one of our specialists today on 0330 222 0332 and find out more about what a VoIP phone system can do for you, and how to create your own plan for business continuity. Or take a look at our system builder and create a VoIP solution tailored to your business. https://www.berrytelecom.co.uk/system_builder