3 Reasons switching to a VoIP phone system moves your business forward

VoIP phone systems have been around for a while now and yet their buzz among businesses still hasn’t died down, and for good reason.  Many small business owners are realising the many limitations of their landline systems, such as the difficulty to expand upon existing networks and their steeper price point.  These difficulties, combined with the upcoming 2025 ISDN switch off and the increasing demand for flexible, remote working solutions, means that right now there is a massive need for a phone system that can deliver on price and mobility as well as on functionality.  This is where VoIP systems step in.

VoIP phone systems are well suited to the changing needs of small to medium sized businesses.  They operate over the cloud rather than through fixed phone lines and so can be plugged in just about anywhere, they are also much more cost-effective when the time comes to expand your network.  It is important though to break down just what aspects of a VoIP system can benefit your business and it is easy to do so through three key criteria, these are mobility, cost-effectiveness and functionality.  Along the way we can also clear up a few of the common misconceptions about VoIP as well, showing that it is one of the key pieces of technology that can help businesses through these changing times.



Now more than ever, being able to work flexibly and on the go is essential, especially for small businesses.  Therefore, standard landline phones are often not the most practical solution for many teams.  This is where a VoIP system comes in.  Because of cloud communications, a VoIP system can operate anywhere you need it to, and this goes beyond making calls.  With VoIP you can use conferencing and collaborative features as well as making and receiving voice calls. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on the go, you can access the full functionality of a VoIP system anywhere that has an internet connection. 

This mobility also extends to your entire business itself. Previously, when teams wanted to move locations it would be a nightmare to upend all of your communication infrastructure in terms of both cost and inconvenience.  VoIP solutions can be transferred to new locations quickly and easily, perfect for small businesses looking to expand.


Cost Effectiveness

For many businesses it is not easy to make those initial investments to get landline phone infrastructure up and running.  The hardware is costly, takes up a lot of room and upgrading it as your business grows is very tedious. VoIP systems operate in a different way, one that is a great solution for growing teams.  Instead of having to pay for expensive hardware, VoIP operates with a subscription model meaning that you only pay for the services that you need at the time.  It is simple and easy to add new users as your business expands and you no longer have to wait for any new systems to be wired up.  This is a perfect solution for businesses with fluctuating staff numbers such as those in the events industry.  Overall, if your business is trying to avoid the steep initial prices and inconvenience of a traditional phone system or if you are a growing business who need to add more users easily, then a VoIP system could be for you.



Perhaps the most important aspect of VoIP phones is their functionality, after all it is no good being flexible and cost-effective if the service provided is substandard.  Thankfully, this is not the case with VoIP.  When VoIP technology first emerged, many customers had reservations about the call quality, however since then many advancements have been made and VoIP call quality is now just as effective as a landline – your staff and customers will not be able to tell the difference.  This isn’t even mentioning all of the added features VoIP systems come equipped with.  From sending voice messages as emails, to allowing for quick and easy conference calls.  Many people are surprised by just how versatile VoIP systems can be.


VoIP is the kind of technology that is needed now more than ever.  Remote working is becoming the new normal for many teams with no indication that this will change.  Having a truly mobile phone system that offers the same functionality on the go as in the office could be incredibly valuable for many businesses.  With a VoIP system, remote workers can interact with their colleagues in real time over voice or video and they have the same opportunities for collaboration as if they were working on-site.

In terms of flexibility, affordability and functionality in the current working world VoIP phone systems tick all the boxes.  Studies show that the working world is trending towards a more flexible business environment utilising remote workers. With a newly increased desire to communicate better whilst on the go, VoIP can be the technology that best enables this for your business.  Find out more about what a Call Cloud VoIP solution can do for your team today.