4 Ways Unified Communications can Promote Business Growth

You’ve heard about the technology Unified Communications encompasses, and we're sure you agree that it's potentially game changing. But this is the business world. For technology to work in business it needs to earn its keep. This blog post will explore 4 of the ways that Unified Communications can contribute to your bottom line and ultimately promote growth in your business.

First though, in case you’re new to the idea of Unified Communications, here’s a very quick rundown. Your traditional PBX handles your phones, and that’s about all it does – maybe it can deal with faxes as well, but for the majority of businesses that’s not important these days. A Unified Communications system supports your phones and provides all the features of even the latest IP PBX’s, but it also includes other services like video calling, file and screen sharing, instant messaging, and the all-important mobile support. If you want to learn more about UC itself, check out our other blog posts or contact one our team members for some no-obligation advice.

So, let’s get to it.

1.     Multi-site Management and Expansion

Traditional on-site PBX’s can hamper expansion and are never going to be easy to manage across multiple sites. CallCloud’s Hosted systems can be used from anywhere you've got a broadband connection - all you need to do is plug in your phone or sign in to the app on your mobile or PC and you’re connected to the rest of the company. This takes all the pain out of the technical side of opening a satellite office, meaning all you have to handle is what you do best – expanding your business.

The speed and ease of deployment makes Cloud-based systems like ours ideal for an expanding business, helping to smooth transitional phases by removing all hardware requirements. Integrating your new office into your existing communications setup takes a matter of minutes.

2.     Improved Customer Service and Retention

How much happier are you as a customer when the supplier you call greets you by name, recalls details of your previous calls and updates you on your latest order before you even ask? It's refreshing, isn't it? Unified Communications systems can help streamline the customer experience by eliminating pauses in calls while you first find the customer’s account and then looks into details of orders or previous conversations. By integrating UC with your existing CRM you can enable ‘Screen Popping’ features, which check incoming caller IDs against your CRM's database, placing all account information on the screen of the person who answers the call.

It can revolutionise other Contact Centre tasks in the same way, giving your staff valuable time-saving features for live chats and email contact by seamlessly integrating them with your CRM and other internal systems. The huge improvements in customer satisfaction that result from the intelligent application of this technology help build a reputation for great customer service, driving referrals and repeat custom.


3.     Improved Workflows and Business Efficiency

The biggest asset of any business is its staff. Giving your workforce the best tools for the job is key to maximising both efficiency and morale. Communication tools are no different. Businesses require teamwork, so giving your team a number of different ways to collaborate is crucial. In addition to saving your staff time when answering customers’ questions, Unified Communications tech puts all inter-office communication tools at their fingertips. This makes asking a quick question to the Support team or getting input on a presentation from a colleague in the Marketing team simple.

You may already have file sharing, screen sharing and instant messaging tools across your business, but unless you're using a Unified Communications system, you’re probably not making the most of them. Using more than a few different communication tools at the same time can quickly become clunky and counterproductive. With UC, you can share your screen with participants in a video conference at the press of a button, send files to everyone on a conference call, or even just get a colleague’s opinion on something you’re working on with a  quick screen-share from within an instant message chat. Because it's all in one place, and it all works so well together, your staff will use these tools to streamline their own workflows, using the best technology for the task at hand.


4.     Cost Reduction

The benefits of Unified Communications technology are clear. It will help make customers happier, staff more productive, and offices easier to manage. It would be understandable if you thought it would come at the cost of an increase in your monthly outgoings. You’ll be happy to hear; this isn’t the case.

By consolidating all of your communications technology into one Cloud service, you’ll no longer need to pay separate bills to multiple companies. No more expensive support contracts for any equipment you’ve got on-site – it's all handled for you in the Cloud.

The technology itself can also realise significant cost savings for your business. Video conferencing can be used in place of face-to-face meetings, helping you significantly cut your travel expenses. A complete digital transformation with Cloud technology can also remove the need for a large server cupboard in your office, helping you make more effective use of your office space and eliminating the associated power, cooling and bandwidth requirements of servers.


Implementing a Unified Communications system is one of the biggest steps you can take to maximise value for money and time efficiency across your business. Don’t just take our word for it, though – try it out for yourself. Our friendly team is more than happy to give you a demo, and our systems are available on a 30-day rolling contract, so you can try it out without any commitment. That’s how confident we are you’ll like it.

Get in touch with the team on 0333 006 3091 or have a friendly live chat at callcloud.co.uk.