5 Types of Business that Benefit from Cloud Phone Systems

While on-site phone systems are still indispensable for a huge number of larger and more specialised businesses, there are a lot of companies that could stand to save costs, boost reliability and increase availability by moving to a Cloud, or hosted, phone system. In this post we will explore just a few of the different types of businesses that can thrive with the use of Cloud Telephony.


Logistics: Phone Systems on the Move

Many businesses rely on mobile workers to operate. Logistics firms, for example, provide delivery drivers with the technology they need to quickly and effectively get in touch with the office and their customers.

Callcloud’s phone systems can be used through an app available on all mobile devices, giving drivers the ability to receive directions and contact customers, as well as giving staff at headquarters up-to-the-minute status updates on their drivers.

This isn't just limited to logistics firms – if you spend any time out of the office on business the extra flexibility, professionalism and availability the phone system app gives you is game changing. Sign in to your phone system from your mobile when you're out of the office to route your direct dial straight to your pocket, set your status for the rest of the company to see at a glance, and call your customers from your office line for a seamless experience.


Call Centres: Maintenance Free Phone Systems

It’s already practically impossible to run a call centre or contact centre without VoIP. In an industry where margins are continuously being squeezed, the next step for reducing overheads is moving to a fully hosted solution.

Until recently, the demands that call centre workloads put on phone systems and networks have made large-scale on-site systems a necessity. With the growth of low latency fibre connectivity and affordable bandwidth, this is no longer the case. Cloud phone systems now provide all the capacity, features, availability and above all, value for money that call centres need to operate.

Hosted systems also bring about a huge reduction in the workload on your IT team. On-site phone systems, particularly those tailored to call centres, are tricky to maintain and often require specialist training. By moving to a hosted phone system, you’ll be letting your provider take care of all that for you. Your system will always be running the latest software and taking advantage of datacentre security and reliability tech while requiring much, much less up-front investment than an on-site server.


Startups and Growing Businesses: Scalable Phone Systems

When you’re just starting out in business, you have to make every penny you spend count. At the same time, a professional image is also vitally important to build trust with your customers.

Integrating your hosted phone system with your CRM and other internal systems puts crucial information right in front of your call takers before they even answer the phone, helping them provide excellent and efficient customer service.

Callcloud’s phone systems give you all the state-of-the-art technology and integrations you need, on a 30-day rolling contract with calls included. The system’s scalability is what’s really powerful for a growing business, you can add and remove users easily at anytime – so you can finally have your cake and eat it too!

With a cloud system, there’s really no need to have office phones, or even an office. Callcloud’s phone system has all the features you need to keep in touch with your colleagues from anywhere there’s an internet connection.


Healthcare: Flexible Queueing Systems

Doctors surgeries and dental practices place unique demands on phone systems. We don’t need to remind you about the morning rush for appointments at any GP surgery; it’s often difficult to get anything but a busy tone when calling in, and reception staff at the surgery are inundated with calls for the first hour or so of every day.

Callcloud’s call queuing system has enormous capacity, creating an orderly line for receptionists to work through. This leads to far less frustration for callers thanks to the built-in position announcements and allows staff to log in and out of the queue to take a break or carry out other tasks without disruption.


Tradesmen and Sole Traders: Low Cost Phone Systems

The idea of a phone system might be a little intimidating, or sound too expensive to a lot of sole traders. For a long time this was the case – it either wasn't possible or wasn’t practical to have a phone system dedicated to one person. Times are changing, however, and Callcloud’s hosted phone system is available for less than your personal mobile phone contract.

So what does it give you that a mobile or a landline doesn’t? Well, firstly, professionalism. Advertising a landline to your customers will attract more callers than a mobile number, and once they do call, they’ll be impressed by your professionally recorded auto-attendant and voicemail greetings. It’s a fantastic way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Secondly, cost. VoIP calls are far cheaper than their PSTN or mobile equivalents and even come included with all of Callcloud’s plans.


These are by no means the only businesses that stand to benefit from migrating to hosted telephony. Far from it, in fact. If you’ve read this far, you’ll have an idea of how broad the benefits of the Cloud are and the good it could do for your business. The Cloud goes hand-in-hand with phone systems – separating your phone service from your premises entirely does wonders for the reliability and availability of your system, for small and large businesses alike. Cost savings inherent to VoIP and Cloud technology are also fantastic regardless of the size of your wallet.


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