How to buy your next VOIP phone system online up in four easy steps

With the current climate requiring many businesses to adapt to home working, there has never been a more widespread remote workforce.

And with so many operating as usual, albeit from home, there is now a wider discussion as to what a 'normal' working environment will look like post-crisis. Many businesses are seeing the ease and flexibility of remote working which is likely to impact on what a typical working environment will look like going forward.

That said, how successful your remote operation is relies almost entirely on how reliable your systems are.

During this time, you may think it isn't feasible to set up a VOIP phone system for your business, but a new offering from Berry Technologies has made it possible in four steps.

Callcloud is the number one rated business VOIP provider in the UK. Its easy-to-use desktop and mobile app, as well as its UK-based support team, make set up effortless.

Its features and functions can be adapted to individual business' needs and include call forwarding, monitoring, recording and transfers, voicemail, as well as a virtual receptionist service.

Its integration software can link with programmes currently used by a business, allowing any relevant caller information to be shown on a PC or Mac.

Callcloud offers two main packages - pay-as-you-go and inclusive - but both have a simple process to get started.

How to get your VOIP system up and running in four steps

Step one

Place an order and complete purchase on the Cloudcall website. This will include filling out a form to notify Callcloud of any specific requirements your package needs.

Step two

The system is built and pre-programmed to these requirements.

Step three

The system is shipped to your premises.

Step four

The system is installed. If this is self-installation, it is a case of unpack, plug-in and away you go. If the system is being installed by Berry, a member of the team will come to your site and set up the system for you, providing full staff training to get everyone up and running quickly.

Callcloud's systems are trusted by more than 20,000 business users across the globe, and its clients include the NHS, Specsavers, Holiday Inn and Domino's.

If the current climate has highlighted a need for a reliable system in your business, there is no need to wait. Callcloud's 'build, pay, deliver and plug-in' service means there is no hassle and set-up can be done quickly.

For more information visit the website.