Call Cloud Make Office Phones Easy

A Call Cloud Office phone system is a really simple, easy option for your business whether you are a small business looking to upgrade your current VoIP or traditional PBX system or a new start-up looking for a cost effective phone system that can be easily expanded in the future. Call Cloud VOIP telephone systems are:

Easy to Install

With a VoIP phone system it’s possible to get started almost straight away - it’s as simple as plugging in your phones and you are able to make calls! Your phone system could be up and running in days either by installing it yourself or after a short visit from an engineer.

Easy to Relocate

Need to change location, no problem! With a VoIP phone system there’s no bulky hardware involved to move, you can simply plug your phones in at a new location with no changes to your phone number or settings.

Easy to Scale Up and Down

Perfect for new businesses, a Call Cloud phone system can be easily adapted to your needs. Extra handsets can be purchased and added to the system as and when you need them with no hassle.

Easy to Budget For

With Call Cloud’s business phone systems you can select a call package, meaning you can be certain of your monthly bill - no need to worry about unexpected costs. Because internet calls are cheaper than using the traditional telephone line, call charges are very affordable.

Call Cloud can provide a flexible solution for your business. Why not come and read more about the benefits and features of our phone systems?