VoIP Phone Systems with Call Recording

Call Cloud provide office telephones for small to medium sized businesses throughout the UK. One of the optional extra features of our phone system is a safe and secure call recording facility. With up to 900MB of storage and data stored for 6 months, it’s easy to find and archive calls - you can then transfer the data to your own backup if required.

The ability to record and store calls can bring a number of advantages to your business. Call Recording can be used for:

  • Compliance for businesses in the finance sector - our systems with call recording are fully MIFID II compliant

  • Recording calls to use in the future for training purposes

  • Keeping track of complex orders/instructions

  • Protect staff from abuse

  • Resolving disputes

  • Audit trails

Call recording could benefit a range of businesses including independent financial advisers, insurance companies, travel agents, call centres and many more! If you’re looking to upgrade your office phone system and think call recording could be a useful tool, give us a call on 0333 006 3091 to come and read more about office phone systems from Call Cloud.