Business Telephone System for Remote Workers

Remote working (working from a location other than the traditional office) is becoming increasingly more common. With modern technology enabling us to communicate easily with colleagues and customers all over the world, whatever location we’re in, less and less workers are spending 9 to 5 in an office.

A recent survey by US employment engagement firm TINYPulse found that remote workers are happier, enjoying the ‘freedom and flexibility,’ feel more valued and believe they are more productive compared to employees across other work arrangements.

Of course, with a workforce spread over various locations, frequent communication with management, customers and colleagues is essential. An affordable, feature rich business telephone system from Call Cloud can offer many benefits for remote working.

With a Call Cloud phone system, all of your staff will be using the same VOIP based office telephone system, wherever they are are. No matter where the worker is located, they can simply plug their phone into an internet connection and all aspect of their calls will stay the same including the phone number, features and call costs, making it the ideal solution for keeping remote workers in touch.

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Source:TINYPulse - What Leaders need to know about Remote Workers