Hosted Phone Systems for Working Remotely

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VoIP - A modern way of working

As new technology continues to make it easier for people to work in a more flexible way, from home or other locations, less and less workers are spending time at a permanent desk.

Stay connected with a hosted phone system from Call Cloud

With a Call Cloud phone system, it’s easy to enable remote workers to stay connected when they are away from the office. Our VoIP, cloud based phone systems have a whole host of features that can help keep your team & customers stay in touch with each other - no matter where they are. So whether they are working from home, at a different site or on a business trip abroad, they are just a phone call away.

Make calls from anywhere - at no extra cost

Staff can plug a handset into an internet connection wherever they are located and make calls as if they were in the office - even if they are overseas. All aspects of the phone, including area code and number remain the same, no matter where they are. Using a phone connected to the internet means the call cost will remain the same, so you can avoid the traditional call forwarding charges and make huge savings as a business.

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Low cost office phone systems with remote working from Call Cloud are ideal for businesses with multiple offices, branches, shops or that have a remote workforce. Ensure your staff can communicate easily with one another - get an instant online quote from Call Cloud here.