Hosted Phone System with Call Recording

Many companies are now looking for an office phone system with safe, secure Call Recording. Call Cloud's hosted phone systems offer this service to a wide array of businesses from health care professionals to call centres, solicitors, estate agents and those working in the financial sector. Recording calls with clients can be a useful, if not vital tool depending on the area of business you work in.

Benefits of Call Recording for Business 

  • Provides a factual record of what was said
  • Ideal for taking complex orders or instructions 
  • MIFID II compliant for Financial Advisory Services
  • Can be used to resolve disputes
  • Keep a record of important legal issues
  • Monitor call quality to improve company standards and customer care
  • Protect staff from abuse
  • Staff Training Tool
  • Easily Find and Archive Calls
If you would like to find out more about how call recording can help your business get in touch with Call Cloud today on 0333 006 3091.