Cloud Phone System - Warehousing and Logistics

Warehousing and Logistics companies need a phone system they can trust. With staff working over a wide area and often across multiple sites and situations, businesses need to ensure that everyone can keep in touch easily. A Cloud Phone System from Call Cloud is ideal to meet this requirement, whether staff are office or warehouse based, travelling on business with deliveries or even working overseas.

What is a Cloud Phone System?

Cloud Phone Systems use the internet to transmit and store voice data. Otherwise known as VoIP, this is a fantastic cost effective and flexible way to manage your business communications, especially when you have staff working over different sites and locations.

Managing Calls & Phones across Multiple Sites

A Cloud Phone System is extremely cost effective to install and run long term. Each branch, warehouse, office or business unit uses the same internet-based phone system which is stored in the cloud. Wherever your staff are working they all use the same cloud-based phone system, with no need to install expensive phone hardware in each location. Your central online admin panel allows you to set and update features across the business separately and centrally with ease, as well as transfer, pick up or park calls across any number of sites or departments. 

Remote Working & Overseas Calls 

With a Cloud Phone System local and national calls are free! Added to this staff can plug a handset into the internet connection when working in the field or overseas and make calls as if they were still in the office. All aspects of the phone stays the same wherever staff are working (including the area code and number). When employees use their phones via the internet, the cost to make calls is also the same; traditional call forwarding charges can be avoided as all employees are using the same virtual office phone system, wherever they are working - This is a huge cost saving benefit!

Staff Mobile Phones & Shared Minutes

Add a mobile minutes package to your Call Cloud phone system and these can be centrally stored and shared from the Cloud; any member of the staff team can use these minutes wherever they are located. This is a huge benefit for staff who are on the road making deliveries, and another great cost-saving idea, ensuring no mobile minutes are wasted.

Interested in finding out more? Call the Call Cloud team today to discuss your particular business requirements - 0333 006 3091, or use our online quotation builder here to find out how much a Cloud Based Phone System could be.

Call Cloud offer Warehousing and Logistics companies the ideal Business phone system solution.