Six Benefits of a VoIP Phone System for Recruitment

In the busy world of business, time is of the essence and in recruitment, well-managed time can be the difference between filling your vacancies or not.

If you’re looking to maximise your time and improve your communication, setting up a VoIP phone system is the solution you’re looking for.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is a type of phone that uses voice-over IP technologies for making and receiving calls via the Internet using an IP network rather than a traditional telephone.

How Does It Work?

With job searching and recruitment moving online, VoIP is a great system: unlike traditional landlines, it uses broadband to make and receive calls, and therefore it’s also online, along with your headhunting and recruiting.

Benefits of Using VoIP

VoIP phones have lots of benefits. We’ve found that the following are particularly noteworthy:


Using broadband significantly reduces the costs of making a phone call, particularly if you need to communicate with anyone abroad. You can speak with your colleagues or candidates from anywhere in the world without having to worry about the cost of contacting them.

VoIP phones also help cut down on travel costs, as they remove the need for many face-to-face meetings or interviews.

However you want to use the systems, VoIP phones are ultimately cheaper.


If you’re up against deadlines and time seems to be against you, VoIP systems can help. They provide a quick and easy way to optimise interviews by hosting them over the phone.

You would be able to host far more effective interviews using these systems than simply inviting every prospective candidate to your office just to meet face to face. Some VoIP systems even allow face-to-face functionality without ever having to meet in person, thus increasing the benefits of VoIP even further.

When you’re finished with one interview, you move on to the next hassle-free, all without leaving your desk.

Fewer Maintenance Issues

With any phone system, you’re more than likely going to run into some technical difficulties, especially if you’re a business using a network of phones. Impressively, there are fewer technical issues and system updates when using VoIP phones, so you can carry on with your day seamlessly without having to worry about burdensome technical issues.

Improve Communication Skills

Good communication is paramount for any business, and this is particularly true in recruitment, as you speak with so many perspective candidates every day.

If you’re looking to streamline your business’s communication, VoIP phones are what you need.

Think about the way in which apps such as Whatsapp have revolutionised the way people communicate using their phones. This is because they give them hassle-free access to friends and family around the world for a small fee. That’s very much like VoIP phones: they give you quick and easy access to businesses and colleagues at a low price, and because it’s better-quality that using a standard telephone, communication is easier.

Improved Sound Quality

You need a phone system that helps your communication to be clear and concise. VoIP technologies are constantly evolving and can provide you with the best quality of sound at a lower bandwidth. No longer will your call be interrupted by crackling noises or a bad signal; if you’ve got a broadband connection, things will run effortlessly.

Mobile and Flexible

Another fantastic benefit of VoIP phone systems is that they’re mobile: you can connect your system up anywhere there is Internet. Whether you need to do a conference call away from your desk or communicate while on a recruitment trip, VoIP phones can go with you.

All of which shows that these phone systems are incredibly flexible too.

How Can VoIP Help Recruitment for Your Business?

VoIP can help you connect with people around the world, so if your potential candidate lives in a different area or country, VoIP allows you to liaise with them quickly and efficiently without the hassle of bringing them to you or you travelling to them.

If you want hassle-free, high-quality communication, opt for a VoIP phone system from Call Cloud.

Get started today and contact us to find out about the amazing opportunities that lie ahead with hassle-free, high-quality communication options.

To maximise your margins and efficiency, think VolP phones, and think Call Cloud.