Questions on Cloud Phone Systems?

Call Cloud supplies hosted phone systems for businesses across the UK. Our cloud based systems are popular with businesses large and small and are ideal for those with multiple sites as all data is hosted within the cloud making it completely accessible. Start up businesses also find Cloud Phone Systems the perfect solution as they are so cost effective.

Here are 10 of the most frequently asked questions from businesses wondering whether updating to a Cloud Phone System is for them.

1. What is the difference between a Hosted Phone System and a standard phone system?

The Call Cloud Hosted Phone System uses the Internet to store data and transmit your calls. Your calls are all made over the Internet which is cheaper than using a landline. The system requires less hardware and so it can be installed in a very cost effective way, making it a very attractive option. You can find out lots more here.

2. How quickly can I get to work on a Cloud Phone System? 

Your new handsets can be delivered to your business within a few days, and the Call Cloud software is available to you online straight away. For the highest quality sound and reliability, we recommend an Assured Broadband line to run the service this takes 10 working days to be activated.

3. How much is it to install?

Most people find they can install a Cloud Phone System themselves following our easy to understand webinar. However, we can of course send an engineer to get you up and running. There is a charge for this service, which will depend on the size of the system you wish to install. Do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

4. Will I experience any interruption to my existing Internet services?

No, you do not need to be concerned about this.

5. What are the features on a Cloud Based Phone System like?

You can easily transfer calls, set up music or messaging on hold, see who is available to take a call and much more - just like a standard office phone system.

6. What's the sound quality like on a Cloud Phone System?

The call quality is equivalent to a traditional land line, so you will not notice any difference when you switch to Call Cloud. Our cloud phone systems are very reliable and use an Assured Line. HD (High Definition) voice quality is also available, do ask about this.

7. How good are the handsets?

There are a wide array of handsets available from simple to complex. The Call Cloud phone system has a high level of functionally and is a feature rich business phone system, click here to find out more.

8. What happens if I need to add more phones to my system?

This is very easy to do and is one of the attractions of a cloud based phone system. Simply request more handsets and set up a new user to your online account and you are ready to go. 

9. Can we keep our existing Business Phone Number? 

This is no problem at all, we will make sure your number is retained when you move over to a Call Cloud hosted phone system. 

10. Can I choose a new Business Phone Number?

Yes you can, there are various options available and the cost depends on the phone number chosen, our team can walk you through the options and help you to choose which phone number might work best for you.