Inexpensive Office Phone Systems

If you are looking for an inexpensive office phone system, VoIP is the way to go! VoIP phone systems use the Internet to transmit call data securely, and being cloud based, they are an ideal way for businesses large and small to keep their office phone costs down. Call Cloud can help your business save by upgrading to a VoIP phone system today! Use our 'build your own' online quotation to find out more here.

10 Ways to Save with a VoIP Phone System

  1. A fixed monthly price which includes all hardware & software 
  2. No lengthy Contract
  3. Low Cost Internet Calls
  4. Local, National and Mobile calls included
  5. Entire staff teams can share mobile minutes (stored centrally in the cloud)
  6. Use your phone overseas at normal call costs
  7. Very little phone hardware required
  8. Easy set up with no need for an engineer to visit*
  9. No expensive hardware to maintain 
  10. Easy to use, no costly IT support

A cloud phone system from Call Cloud is packed full of features - click here to watch a short video and find out more. Hear from other businesses using the Call Cloud system.

*Unless you would like this