Cloud Phone System for Large Businesses

Call Cloud supply affordable, feature-rich hosted phone systems designed for businesses large and small. Companies across the UK use our Cloud Phone System to meet their office phone requirements. A cost-effective Cloud Phone System is ideal for even the largest offices and multi-site businesses. Businesses with a large deployment of staff, across several locations such as a busy contact centres, those with homeworkers, remote sales teams or multiple outlets/branches can really benefit by switching to a hosted Cloud Phone System. 

Key benefits of a Call Cloud Phone System:

  • Remove the need of several separate costly PBX phone systems and consolidate the entire business into using one cloud based phone system which runs off the Internet. This hugely reduces monthly operating costs. (As opposed to each branch having its own separate traditional PBX phone system, ISDN lines and broadband lease lines)
  • Calls between offices, local and national calls are free with a Cloud Phone System. A massive saving on your monthly phone bills.
  • Less hardware is required, and it's easy to set up. If you need extra handsets for staff and new phone lines you can at the touch of a button order another handset and add a new user to your account - there's no need for a costly and time consuming engineers visit.
  • If your organisation has remote workers or home workers they can also tap into the Cloud Phone System. Give your staff more flexibility about where they work, and help your business to be more efficient in responding to customer calls as they can be answered from any location.
  • Make efficient use of staff teams - share the 'out of hours calls' with other branches and team members. Call Cloud Phones Systems can be configured to handle incoming calls flexibly across your business.
  • Cloud Phone Systems enable a company-wide phone directory so you can easily communicate with the rest of the organisation and see when they're available wherever they are based.
  • Set up individual customised phone settings for each site e.g. opening hours, music / message on hold (MOH) and the main menu message.

Manage your Cloud Phone System:

  • Call Data associated with our Cloud Phone System can be managed on a site-by-site basis or centrally via your Head Office, offering greater transparency and useful insights into call trends and individual site call performance.
  • Call Recording is available for audit trails - Managers can review call handling across the business.
  • 'Local' phone numbers can be created to help build coverage in a particular location, (even if this is not currently covered by the business). Test the market before investing in a new physical site & help customers to buy from your business or use your services in a new area.
  • Authorisation Codes can be set up to restrict access to the phone system across sites - you can restrict certain access to certain call types.
You can find out more about Call Cloud's Phone System here. Please call us on 0333 006 3091 to discuss your particular requirements, or use our online quotation builder on our website to see how cost effective a Cloud Phone System can be for your business.