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Features of a Call Cloud VoIP Phone System

Posted in Blog Posts by Admin on 06/10/2016

A Call Cloud business phone system is simple to set up, cost effective and comes with a range of great features which can really enhance your business including an extensive range of call handling and management features which are simple to control through a user-friendly web interface.

Business Telephone Systems

Posted in Blog Posts by Admin on 06/10/2016

Call Cloud provide affordable, feature-rich VoIP phone systems to businesses throughout the UK. A wide range of small to medium businesses can benefit from one of Call Cloud’s business telephone systems. In the past we have equipped many businesses in the retail, finance and hospitality sector, to name a few.

Small Office Phone Systems

Posted in Blog Posts by Admin on 26/09/2016

An office phone system from Call Cloud is the ideal affordable solution for a small office - whether you are a new business or looking to upgrade your current system. Full office phone systems start from just £14.95 a month, are easy to set up, use and maintain and include hardware and local and national calls.

Business Telephone System for Remote Workers

Posted in Blog Posts by Admin on 26/09/2016

Remote working (working from a location other than the traditional office) is becoming increasingly more common. With modern technology enabling us to communicate easily with colleagues and customers all over the world, whatever location we’re in, less and less workers are spending 9 to 5 in an office.

Why should I get a VOIP Phone System?

Posted in Blog Posts by Admin on 26/09/2016

A common question we get asked is: What is a VOIP phone system and why should I get one? VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. A VOIP phone system transmits voice data over the internet as opposed to through phone lines as with a traditional PBX system. VOIP phone systems are often referred to as a cloud based or hosted phone system. A VOIP phone system provides equal phone line quality to a traditional office phone system but come with additional benefits for your business.

VOIP Phone Systems for New Businesses

Posted in Blog Posts by Admin on 20/09/2016

A VOIP phone system from Call Cloud is the perfect solution for a new business. Benefits include: Great Value Packages Our business phone systems have a simple, fixed monthly price which include hardware, software, local, national and mobile calls. Simply pick and choose the hardware, software and additional features your business requires to get a personalised price - Ideal for new businesses who can keep initial costs low. Packages from Call Cloud start from just £14.95 per month.

Hosted Phone Systems for Retailers

Posted in Blog Posts by Admin on 17/08/2016

Call Cloud offer Hosted Phone Systems which are ideal for businesses in the retail industry. We understand that you need to liaise effectively with your branch teams, suppliers and customers, whilst keeping costs low and your front facing business profile high. Our phone systems offer professional features and clarity of sound at a low cost.

What is a Hosted Phone System?

Posted in Blog Posts by Admin on 12/08/2016

Hosted Phone System Flexibility We provide hosted phone systems which are tailored to your particular business requirements. Hosted phone systems offer fantastic flexibility, because phone data is stored in the cloud it is made available to you and your staff wherever you are working in the world be it at home, in a hotel, in an office overseas or simply at a borrowed desk. Simply plug your handset into the internet and you can work and make calls just as if you are in your main office. The same phone number, including your area code and all of the features your main office phone system has is available at your fingertips.

Business Phone system over the Internet

Posted in Blog Posts by Admin on 08/08/2016

Call Cloud provide business phone systems that work over the internet. We can help companies large and small and in any line of business. With a Samsung feature rich hosted phone system from us you could upgrade your office phones whilst also saving money. Not only this you will have access to many up to the minute phone features including call recording and professional music and messaging on hold.

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