How to stay secure while using VoIP

VoIP is becoming a truly dominant piece of technology for businesses. Being able to get in touch with customers and colleagues over the internet can be invaluable in a business environment where remote working is becoming the norm. Most teams are now taking advantage of high-quality, high-speed VoIP calls now for so many different processes. From sales to customer support and inter-company communications, VoIP is used through many different contexts throughout a business.

This versatility is fantastic, but there are some things that your team should know before they start getting to grips with VoIP. Even if you are already making use of these services, there are some important safety tips on how you can better keep your data secure.

If you have been unsure about VoIP in the past, hopefully these security tips can put your mind at ease.




This one should be self-explanatory, but you would be surprised by how many users within a business use an unsafe password or even use the preset default password. We don’t need to explain why this is unsafe but reminding your team to change their passwords periodically is crucial.

Two-factor-authentication is the best way to keep secure here. Even if your device is lost, stolen or hacked, no criminal will be able to access your data if a 2FA system notifies you first.


Public WiFi:


VoIP is massively useful when you are working on the go. Being able to communicate with whoever you want to, no matter where you are is invaluable. There are things you should look out for though whilst you work on the go.

One of these things is public Wi-Fi. Most devices will let you know if you’ve logged on to an unsecure network, but it is important to stay vigilant and remind your team of this as well. Most of the time, large events are the places with the biggest risk. 

Another small thing to bear in mind is just to be mindful of your surroundings whilst making a call. If you are in a public place then you often don’t check to see who is looking over your shoulder or listening in to a sensitive conversation.


Call Statistics:


One of the most useful features of VoIP is all of the call statistics that they come included with. These stats include so much information that can useful to your business, including missed calls, time customers are left on hold and more. But they also come with a lot of data that can be useful to your security as well.

By keeping an eye on these stats over a period of time, you can easily spot if there is any significant variation in activity at unexpected times. These may include international calls or calls outside of normal business hours and may be an indication that your network is compromised. Call statistics are therefore a really important feature to look for when investing in a new VoIP system.


Secure your Network:


As with all internet enabled devices, your network may be an entry point for bad actors. The best way to keep all of your connected devices safe is by protecting the network that they operate on. This usually involves working with a router that is protected by a powerful firewall, to prevent people from being able to access your VoIP phone’s web interface.

This also involves physically protecting your network. All of your networking equipment should be kept in a secure room that is only accessible to specific members of your team, namely those in IT. If you want to go the extra mile here, why not consider a CCTV system to give you some real peace of mind?

Finally, keeping your VoIP system secure means better understanding the capabilities of your system. VoIP phones are extremely versatile and work for a wide range of industries. As such, there may be some features that members of your team just don’t need, such as the ability to make international calls or to access call recordings. Staying diligent and on top of your phone system is a guaranteed way to ensure everything runs safely and smoothly.



Above all, the best way to keep you and your team’s data safe when working with any kind of technology is to educate everyone about how to stay secure. Your team is the first line of defence against any intrusion and with your phone system it is no different. Understanding the many features of a VoIP system and now they normally operate is a great first step to gaining a lot more help in spotting fraudulent activity from your team.


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