How you can better use your mobile phone for business


Reading this title, you may be thinking, “I already use my mobile phone for business, I check my emails on the train and use it to make calls!” This might be true, but there is so much more functionality that a true business mobile plan can unlock for your team. We’ve spent years in the communication industry and have seen how mobile phones have evolved, but the technology around them has advanced too. Making a comprehensive business plan in this area requires you to make the most of not just your mobiles, but every one of your business communication systems.


We’ve assembled our top tips on how you can turn your team’s mobile phones into powerhouses for business. Hopefully they can help your business to work better whilst on the go, and provide a newer, more flexible and more enjoyable way to work.

Connect your mobiles to the services you already use


This sounds simple, and it is, but given the vast range of services businesses use to communicate, it can be difficult for every member of your team to access them all. Business mobiles throw in a new complication as they sometimes aren’t compatible with your phone service or other vital tools. Making your communication tools as accessible as possible has a massive knock-on effect on your productivity, and in our eyes the best way to do this is through a VoIP phone system.


VoIP is a newer way to handle your communications that runs over the internet rather than fixed phone lines. VoIP is very feature-rich, allowing you to make calls, video conferences and includes a variety of other services such as call recording and statistics. The joy of VoIP and what is helpful here is that it is compatible with a wide range of devices, you can plug in your phone system just about anywhere and achieve high quality communications. VoIP is compatible with laptops, tablets and crucially, mobiles.


Our VoIP service comes complete with a mobile app, allowing you to handle all of your business communications whilst on the go. This functionality makes work more convenient for you and provides a more professional service for your customers. When a customer calls in to your office, you can answer it from your mobile but continue to use your office phone number. VoIP allows you to handle your entire communication suite on a handheld device, without missing any gaps.


Now that we have discussed some of the technology that is essential to maintaining a good business mobile policy, we’ll take a look at some of the best practices to follow.

How to keep my business mobiles secure?


This could be an entire blog in itself, but it is crucial to keep your mobile devices secure, especially when you are working on sensitive business tasks. There are simple things you can do to stay secure. These include: using two-factor authentication on all of your accounts, avoiding public Wi-Fi and using remote recovery services. Remote recovery allows you to wipe a phone remotely if it is lost or stolen, protecting your business’ data.


How to best use mobiles when working remotely?


Remote work is now an essential part of business life, and as such we’ve all had to rely on some new flexible practices to stay at our best in terms of productivity. Mobiles are a huge part of this. We believe that a business mobile solution can do a massive amount to augment the remote working tools that your business uses, from making video conferencing more accessible, to being able to get in touch with customers from an environment that suits you. Collaborate with your team quickly through your mobile to help customers, and create a better sense of teamwork. The flexibility that a mobile solution provides makes working from home that little bit more comfortable.


When used in conjunction with a VoIP phone system, a business mobile allows you to better replicate the communication benefits of the office without having to rely on the usual hardware that you would have there.

What About Unified Communications?


Unified Communications is a service that is taking the business world by storm due to the rise of remote working. It essentially allows a team to keep all of their communications tool in one place, letting you access voice, video and chat functionality with ease. Mobile communications are a huge part of this, and you can access your UC service from your mobile device with ease. Combining VoIP with Unified Communications and a business mobile solution is in our minds the simplest way to create a truly complete communications service.


We hope this has helped you to see the utility that business mobiles can bring to your team, or the best ways that your current policy can be improved. If you have any questions about the functionality of these services then feel free to give us a call at 0333 006 3091. Or try out our VoIP system builder and create a service that really suits your team.