How new business communications tools can make your team’s lives easier

It is getting towards the time of year when people are winding down and focusing on family and other commitments alongside their work. This, combined with the rise of remote working, has meant that we have less regular contact with our teams than ever before. It is easy to fall out of good practices when working in this kind of environment and maintaining usual processes can end up being unproductive or a chore, rather than something that enriches your business.


This shouldn’t be the case. We believe that working from home presents a unique opportunity to better connect with your staff whilst making their lives easier. This is due to the new technology that has sprung up in order to make all of our lives simpler when working away from the office. Unified Communications platforms and modern deskphones work effectively from any internet connection. The world of business communications has seen a rapid rise in the amount of flexible technology available in a relatively short space of time. We understand that these new developments may seem a bit overwhelming or even unnecessary at first glance, but we genuinely believe that they can make a big impact for your team whether they are working in or away from the office.


With that in mind, here is our guide to the new communication tools that are making a big difference to the way that many teams work across the world.


How to make the most of Unified Communications


UC software is any tool that combines a group of different communication methods in one place. There are many on offer and this has expanded due to their utility for remote workers. The uses of UC range from group video calls, to quick chat messages, screen sharing for presentations and more.


The key to making the most of this service is by making sure your whole team knows exactly how to get the best utility out of it. By holding a team meeting or departmental meetings weekly over video conference, you can make sure every member of your team knows exactly what their tasks are for that week and nothing gets lost in translation. You can also solve problems on the fly with UC. If your team needs information quickly, you can see which of your colleagues are available to help, send them a quick chat message, and resolve the issue with no fuss.


The way to make the most out of Unified Communications is to understand exactly where it can help different elements of your business. Whether it is connecting with your remote staff through video or aiding your customer service with instant messaging, it can add a real level of convenience.


How to Adapt using Statistics and Recording


If 2020 taught us anything, it was that businesses need to remain flexible and open to changing established processes. One of the ways we can do this is through making the most of call statistics and recording. Many phone systems come equipped with tools to monitor calls and provide helpful statistics about call duration or calls missed. It can be massively beneficial to analyse these stats and recordings with your team to find ways to improve.


Whether it is new ways to change the way they interact with customers, to get to the bottom of queries easier, or being more prepared to handle a steadier stream of calls during peak times. Call statistics can also help you find any customers who may have fallen through the cracks. Allowing you to make sure that no customers are left behind, and hopefully making sure your team can work through their calls in a more efficient and enjoyable way.


How your VoIP system can help you work Remotely


If you are familiar with what we do here at CallCloud you’ll know just how much we value VoIP as a tool for business. These phone systems have revolutionised the way that many teams operate especially if they are looking to adopt remote work.


VoIP systems can be plugged in anywhere with an internet connection, allowing your team to work wherever they feel most comfortable. You are not bound by a handset either, our mobile app allows you to take your business communications with you just about anywhere. VoIP systems are compatible with all of the call recording and statistics mentioned earlier, so even when working from home you can work on improving your customer service.


Another crucial point that often goes unmentioned when talking making work more convenient is call quality. Job satisfaction has never been improved by a choppy phone call that you can barely understand, VoIP solves this problem with ease, thanks to its high-quality internet-based calls.


We hope this guide has shown just a few ways that your business could benefit from adopting some of the pieces of technology that have taken the world by storm over the last few months. For more information, give us a call here at CallCloud at 0333 006 3091, or visit our VoIP system builder, and create a system that is personalised for your business.