5 Important Issues that can be solved with Business VoIP

Communications can be a balancing act for many businesses. On one hand everyone needs a robust phone system that meets the need of everyone in the business, but there can be some serious cost involved with upgrading to a new system. That’s where VoIP comes in. VoIP systems are a flexible alternative to traditional ISDN phone lines that come with a variety of differences. These changes can appear small on the surface but can have a major impact, allowing you to fix some of the big communication issues that your business may have faced.

Here are just 5 of the most crucial issues that VoIP systems can help your business to solve.


Missed Calls:

This is the first and perhaps the most crucial issue that VoIP helps to solve. Missing a call from a potential customer is a quick way to convince them to turn elsewhere. There are a myriad of reasons why you might miss a call. Maybe your staff don’t have enough time to check their voicemails, or perhaps they are just overwhelmed with calls and a customer is left on hold for too long.

This is solved with ease by VoIP. Even if you have a large amount of calls coming in, a VoIP system can use auto attendants to give callers information about your business or answer simple questions. This is sometimes enough to solve their issue before they even have to talk to a real person.

Call queuing helps you to manage incoming calls, and visual voicemail means that nobody gets left behind, making life easier for both your customer and your team.


Disaster Recovery:

If missing one call is bad, then missing all of them is definitely not ideal! Every business needs to have a plan ready in case their communications system goes down or the office is inaccessible.

VoIP presents many options in this regard. Firstly, it is a very reliable phone system in itself, so downtime is rare to begin with. Furthermore, VoIP systems come with easy to use call forwarding features. These allow you to direct calls from your VoIP system to any other device that you use. This provides you with a true sense of business continuity. If your office is inaccessible for whatever reason, with VoIP, your communications won’t suffer.


Remote Working:

This one follows on from the last point, but it is really a separate issue in itself. If your team needs to work from home or anywhere else, they need to be able to take their business communications with them. VoIP allows this with ease.

Not only do they come with the call forwarding services mentioned earlier, but they are also completely portable! You could feasibly plug your VoIP phones in anywhere with an internet connection and communicate with the same efficacy that you would have in the office.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working was on the rise. Your team needs a system that allows them to access all the tools from the office whilst working at home, and VoIP does this, all whilst maintaining excellent audio quality.



Growing businesses are the ones that need flexibility above all else when it comes to communications. If you need to add new users quickly or move over to a new location, you don’t want a large and inflexible traditional phone system.

VoIP is perfect here as these systems are built with portability in mind. If you need to add a new user, VoIP systems can just be plugged in and connected to the internet, allowing you to get started right away. Adding a new user causes no downtime or added hassle for the rest of your network and there are no worries about wires here.

Similarly moving to a new premise is just as simple. You can get 1, 10 or 100 new users up and running right away; just get plugged in. This is perfect for a whole range of businesses in every sector.


Saving Money:

If your phone bill has increased recently, it may be time to look away from your existing system. Calls over ISDN lines are not only soon to be a thing of the past, but they are also incredibly costly. VoIP operates over the cloud, which is ideal for keeping costs down.

With VoIP there isn’t even a big upfront cost, you only pay for the phones that you are using, unlike a fixed line system. VoIP also operates over the internet, meaning that call rates are massively reduced. Calls between your premises are completely free and international rates are much cheaper too.

VoIP can save you a massive amount of money whilst also providing more features that will help you in the future, keep your business’ costs down, whilst also improving your call quality.

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