A Simple Guide to the Many Features of a VoIP Phone System

At CallCloud, we pride ourselves on offering a range of versatile and feature-rich VoIP phone solutions.  VoIP phones are designed with the modern business in mind and provide your team with a whole range of services to keep you communicating at your best.  The sheer number of features and services that modern phones provide can get overwhelming though.  There are plenty of things that your VoIP phone can do to help your business that you might not even know about.  From customer support to boosting collaboration amongst your team, making the most of your communications can be vital to a business’ success.

With this in mind, here is a quick run-through of all the most important features of a VoIP phone system, and what they can do to help businesses.


High-Quality Calls and Call Queuing:

Ok, we know what you’re thinking, of course the phone should be providing effective audio calls, but the way VoIP systems handle calls goes above and beyond in terms of functionality.  Operating over the internet means that VoIP systems can not only be plugged in and work just about anywhere, your call quality will also be consistently excellent as long as you are connected to a reliable broadband connection.

they also provide your staff with more tools during calls to streamline your and your customer’s communication experience.  One of these features is call queuing.  This allows you to better organise you calls by placing any incoming callers in a “queue” so that they can get the right assistance in an orderly way, whilst also making sure your team aren’t overwhelmed.


Call Monitoring and Recording:

Call monitoring can be an incredibly useful feature for businesses looking to enhance their communication experience and customer service.  Being able to listen in on a call can help you to better refine your team’s processes, whether it be trying a different sales technique or making tech support go that little bit smoother. 

Call recording is another feature that works in a similar way to this.  It can help you to both refine your team’s call processes and keep your employees happy by allowing you to help your staff should they face a particularly unpleasant customer.



Call Forwarding and Remote Working:

Call forwarding is one of a VoIP phone’s greatest assets and it can revolutionise the way you work.  It allows your team to direct any calls they receive from their VoIP phone system to just about any other device.  As well as being incredibly helpful if you are on the move, this also creates a sense of business continuity, as if you can’t get into the office for any reason, you can always forward calls to another device and keep your business running smoothly.

This call forwarding technology also makes remote working simple.  As you can just reroute calls from your VoIP office phone to whichever device you are most comfortable working with from home.  Of course, without the reliance on impractical fixed lines like their predecessors, VoIP phones are also completely portable, meaning you can plug them in and start communicating just about anywhere that suits you.


Call Transfer and Call Groups:

Flexibility is at the heart of all of a VoIP phone’s features and easy call transferring is just another part of that.  With a VoIP phone transferring from extension to extension in your business is free, whether that be in your office itself or even between multiple locations.  There are also many different ways to transfer calls, so you can always keep your colleagues informed about who is calling.

Call groups are very similar, they allow calls to be directed straight to anyone in a specific group rather than to just one extension. This is especially valuable to tech or customer support teams as it allows customers to get in touch with someone who can solve their issues quickly. It also allows groups to share and access a group voicemail, meaning everyone stays on the same page and can answer customer queries as a team.


Video Conferencing and More:

One of a VoIP system’s biggest strengths is that it is completely scalable and adaptable to meet your business’ needs.  Video conferencing can be absolutely essential for many businesses these days, especially if remote working is a priority.  Many VoIP services come with video conferencing services already equipped, such as our Callcloud Inclusive Package, otherwise it is simple to upgrade and acquire these new features for yourself.

Finally, a VoIP system’s greatest feature is its scalability.  You can quickly and cost-effectively equip an entire location with a great phone system in a fraction of the time that it would take to install traditionally hosted lines. With VoIP you only pay for the phones you are using, so even businesses with a fluctuating staff number can still take advantage of its benefits. 


These are the main features that a VoIP phone system can offer. If you are interested in outfitting your team with these great systems, speak to Callcloud on 0333 006 3091 and find out how a flexible phone system can specifically benefit your business. Or build your own VoIP phone solution for your business using our great system builder. https://www.callcloud.co.uk/system_builder