3 Ways Growing Businesses Can Benefit from a Cloud Phone Systems

All businesses have had to get used to a startling amount of change and new circumstances in the past few months.  In this time everyone is looking for ways to stay organised and bring some much-needed peace of mind back to the work environment.  If you’re part of a growing business and are looking to provide both you and your team with a sense of clarity, then it is important to know which tools for communication can help you.

Growing businesses especially need to have a good understanding of what pieces of technology can work in your favour, and which services are right for you.  A cloud communication system can help in maintaining professionalism, ensuring mobility and enabling quick and easy collaboration, even between remote workers.  If you’ve read some of our other blog posts or are familiar with cloud telephony you may know how some of these services work, but this guide could help to jog your memory. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, we can demonstrate how different aspects of a cloud phone system can benefit a growing business, especially when working in tandem with Unified Communications.


Maintaining Professionalism

In order to compete with larger businesses, growing teams need to be able to maintain a strong and professional presence at all times, after all, if you miss a customer’s initial call, they are likely to turn elsewhere.  A cloud phone system can help, and here’s how:

  • Cloud phone systems operate over the internet using VoIP. The call quality here can easily compete with a more costly landline system, providing crystal clear audio with only an internet connection required.
  • Combining a Cloud phone system with Unified Communications allows your team to keep all of their communication tools in one easy to use app, so you can communicate with customers in whichever way is best suited for them, even if you aren’t in the office.
  • A cloud phone system is very easy to install and maintain, meaning you won’t experience any downtime when you need to add new users or adjust to a new premise, meaning your business will always have a strong online presence.


Ensuring Mobility

As a growing business, your team is likely to be expanding as well.  Your communication system needs to be flexible in order to manage the needs of your team, as well as other changes such as moving location or facilitating remote work.  Thankfully, Cloud Phone Systems are built with portability in mind, and come equipped with many features to support smaller businesses where mobility is key:

  • Adding new users with a cloud system is incredibly simple, all it takes is a few clicks and a user’s account will be ready to go.  This is perfect for both growing businesses and even those with a fluctuating workforce, such as businesses in the events industry.  Scalability is a common word that gets thrown around in telecoms a lot, but Cloud Phones truly do provide it.
  • Cloud Phone systems are far less resource intensive so there is very little hardware that needs to be installed for them to function at their best.  This means that your phone system has the potential to be completely portable and you can expand to new premises without any fuss.
  • A Cloud Phone combined with a Unified Communications system is the complete package in terms of mobility.  Your cloud phone system can operate anywhere with an internet connection and a Unified Communications app allows you to access a full range of tools. From email to instant messaging to video conferencing, even if your team are working from home.


Enabling Quick and Easy Collaboration

It goes without saying that a growing team’s communication system should be designed to be as accessible and flexible for its workers as possible.  Whether your team are in the office or not, it is important to make sure that they have the best tools for the job.  Cloud Phone systems and their supporting technologies are designed to do this from the ground up:

  • Unified Communications systems are possibly the most effective collaborative tool out there for businesses today. They allow your team to have a consistent online presence by letting them see which of their colleagues are available to collaborate.  This creates a perfect environment for teamwork where even remote workers can know which other members of staff are free to talk.
  • Cloud Systems operate over the internet, meaning that wherever your team is working, they can have complete access to the best in video conferencing.  Video conferencing is the best way to allow your whole team to communicate together effectively and with a UC system you can access it through the push of a button, anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Finally, having all the correct tools for the job is central to the effectiveness of a communications system, cloud phones integrate with a variety of other pieces of technology that are essential for growing businesses such as screen sharing services for remote sales.

This should demonstrate just how versatile a cloud-based phone system can be for growing businesses, providing teams with a communication solution that can expand with ease alongside your business.  Combining this with a Unified Communications solution turns your phone system into the ultimate platform for collaboration, allowing you to maintain a flexible and positive work environment wherever your team is operating from.

A cloud system won’t break the bank though, so get in touch today and find out what a cloud hosted phone system can do for your team.