VoIP Phone System Solutions from Call Cloud

Do you have issues with your current business telephone system provider? Call Cloud are proud to have many satisfied customers who have solved problems with their telephone systems and discovered further benefits when switching to a Call Cloud VoIP office phone system. Here are just a few examples of businesses we have helped in the past:

Recruitment business, The Buy-Side Club, already used a VoIP phone system when they approached Call Cloud. Unfortunately, their provider was unreliable and inflexible leaving them with little control over their call costs and no assistance when they needed it. Switching to a reliable Call Cloud phone system with access to excellent support and assistance has enabled them to provide excellent communication with their clients. Read More

The Mortgage Shop in Cheshire had been with their current provider for 15 years yet were unhappy. Frequent downtime was making it common for one their three phones to be unusable which was having a negative impact on their business. Call Cloud helped The Mortgage Shop transition from their old analogue line to a modern fast speed fibre connection giving them not only a more reliable system but also a cheaper one with added features too! Read More

Sunrise Tools and Equipment desperately needed to replace their ageing system which was soon to be obsolete. The expense of a full PBX system was unnecessary for a small business, a hosted system from Call Cloud provided an easy to use, affordable solution which retained the important features that the business already used such as marketing messages and call forwarding. Read More

To find out how much your business could save by upgrading to a Call Cloud VoIP phone system, come and get an instant quote or give us a call on 0330 006 3091 to speak to a member of the team.