Perfect Telephone Systems for a Small Business

Why do so many small businesses choose a hosted Call Cloud telephone system?

Great Value

One affordable, monthly cost including hardware, software, local, national and mobile calls  makes it easy to budget. With no lengthy contracts or bulky hardware to install, a Call Cloud VOIP phone system is a cost-effective option for your small business.

Quality Hardware

With a Call Cloud phone system you can select from a range of premium hardware including Polycom handsets, cordless handsets (for mobility), conference phones (for small conference rooms and executive offices) and bluetooth headsets for easy multitasking.

Intuitive Software and Enriching Features

With an easy to use interface, it’s simple to access and update a range of features which could enhance your business such as voice recording and call queuing. A Call Cloud business telephone system can also be integrated with your PC, CRM or Android mobile device.

Easy Setup

All it takes is a short visit from an engineer or a brief webinar to get you started with your new phone system, so you can be up and running in days. Because a VOIP phone system makes calls over the internet as soon as you connect your phones to your broadband or fibre, you can begin making calls.

So if you’re a small business looking to upgrade your telephone system - Call Cloud could be the perfect solution for you! Please get in touch with any queries or take a give our online quotation tool a try.