What is a Hosted Phone System?

You may have heard of the term 'Hosted Phone System' and wanted to find out what this can offer your business. A hosted phone system is one which is powered by the internet. Call Cloud are one of the UK specialist phone companies offering Hosted Phone Systems.

Hosted Phone System Flexibility

We provide hosted phone systems which are tailored to your particular business requirements. Hosted phone systems offer fantastic flexibility, because phone data is stored in the cloud it is made available to you and your staff wherever you are working in the world be it at home, in a hotel, in an office overseas or simply at a borrowed desk.  Simply plug your handset into the internet and you can work and make calls just as if you are in your main office. The same phone number, including your area code and all of the features your main office phone system has, is available at your fingertips.

Hosted Phone Systems offer great flexibility as you grow your business. You can choose to add additional lines and handsets quickly and easily as and when you need them. With our Hosted Phone Systems, flexibility for your business is key and by only paying for the features and handsets you need, we are able to keep your costs low.

Keeping Costs Low for Businesses

Hosted Phone Systems offer free local and national calls. Plus there is no expensive hardware to maintain. Cloud based phone systems require less maintenance than traditional phones and are less prone to technical issues. This means you can avoid expensive ongoing maintenance and IT support costs

It's Quick & Easy to Set Up a Hosted Phone System

You can be up and running in days with a Hosted Phone System from Call Cloud. It is very simple to install and there is no need for an engineer to visit*. This makes it a very cost effective option. An up to the minute hosted phone system can be be installed with little disturbance and we can help you to set your system up with the help of our easy to follow webinar.

Find out more about the features of our hosted phone systems for businesses or get in touch with any questions by calling our friendly team on 0333 006 3091.  You can also get an instant quotation for a Hosted Phone System here.

Working away from the office has never been easier with a Hosted Phone System...

*unless you would like an engineer to install your system.