Hosted Office Phone System for Hot Desking


With fewer employees working a typical 9-5 day at their desk, more businesses are starting to practice Hot Desking - multiple workers using the same physical workstation. The reason for this is that employees do not always require a permanent workstation anymore. This may be because of employees working flexible hours, part-time or in more than one location resulting in their desk being left empty and unused for hours, or even days each week. Hot Desking enables businesses to make more efficient use of company space and resources.

For businesses that require their employees to make and receive calls, a Call Cloud telephone system is the perfect way to enable your employees to Hot Desk without any hassle! Because our phone systems are VoIP based, it is easy to take your number and preferences wherever you go. As long as your profile is stored, you can easily use it on any enabled phone in the business. So it’s simple to work from another desk, at home or even another location altogether if required.

Read more about the many features of a Call Cloud phone system, including Hot Desking and flexible working.

Call Cloud provide affordable, hosted office phone systems for small to medium businesses throughout the UK. Please get in touch with any questions or queries.