The Three Main Benefits of Using VoIP in Retail

Retail is a fast-paced environment that is constantly developing to keep up with ever-evolving consumer wants and needs. Meanwhile, technology has revolutionised the way we shop. As a retail business have you thought about how you’re keeping up with your customers?

This is where VoIP phone systems come in.

What is VoIP?

A VoIP phone is a voice-over IP system for making and receiving calls using the Internet. It works using broadband rather than traditional landline methods. This means that you can make overseas calls for a fraction of the price of traditional telephony, and with better sound quality. VoIP systems completely change the way you use phones.

If you’ve never heard of VoIP, you’re in for a treat. VoIP phone systems can help your business grow exponentially by connecting you with new and existing customers.

Benefits for Retail Businesses

No matter what type of retail business you run, you’ll always need a phone. Whether you use it as means of contacting suppliers or for your customers to reach you, it’s important that you’re readily available with a clear phone line for strong communication.

Besides saving money, which is one excellent benefit of VoIP phones, these systems boast a range of other pros over a traditional phone network.

So what are they?

Better Quality

VoIP phone systems offer higher-quality telecom, allowing you to hold conference calls with your network of stores without interruptions or bad service. Meanwhile, if you’re on a call with a customer, the quality of the line will be far greater, leaving no confusion or misheard quotes.

VoIP phones also use a lower bandwidth, and as the technology behind them continues to advance, the already superior quality will continue to improve.


As a business, you will always have to keep a watchful eye on your bottom line and curb any unnecessary outgoings. In so doing, you may sometimes try to avoid making calls overseas and send impersonal emails instead. However, if your vendors are abroad, it’s a great idea to get a relationship going – and with that in mind, either voice or video calling is the way to go. VoIP phones allow you to do this without expensive bills for overseas calls, so you can get closer to your customers and vendors by changing to a VoIP phone system.

Whether you’re making internal or external calls, VoIP phones allow you to keep in contact for less.

These phone systems can also allow you to deliver internal training without paying for all of your staff to travel to one area.

Easy to Install and Use

Multi-site businesses can integrate onto one platform, improving not only their efficiency but their productivity too.

VoIP phones are easy to set up and even easier to use. With a few easy steps, you’ll be good to go.

VoIP phone systems require less maintenance than traditional phones and are less prone to technical and server issues, so when you’re up and running, you’ll stay up and running and ready to receive calls.

For retail businesses of all shapes and sizes, VoIP phone systems are the smarter choice.

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