VoIP Office Phone Systems for UK Businesses

Call Cloud is a key supplier of VoIP phone systems for businesses across the UK. Many businesses are now switching to cost effective VoIP phone systems; here is a handy summary of the key terms you may come across when considering moving over to using an Internet based phone system in your business.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP simply means that call data is transmitted over a secure Internet connection. This is a very cost effective way of running your office communications. VoIP offers low cost calls and there is no bulky hardware to maintain.

Cloud Phone System

All data relating to a VoIP phone system is stored centrally in the cloud. This means that businesses can consolidate the entire company - wherever branches are based onto one cloud based phone system. Call Cloud offer an extensive range of call handling and call management features, which are all easy to use and manage through our web interface, i.e. features such as Music or Messaging on Hold for individual offices or branches can be altered centrally and securely within the cloud from any location in the world! 

Hosted Phone System

Call Cloud offer a secure, hosted Internet phone system. The term 'hosted' means that this the system is stored and backed-up on two servers in two separate locations so that everything related to your office communications is completely protected. 

Why not find out more about a cloud based VoIP Phone System for your office here?  If you would like to discuss your requirements or have any questions at all please do call one of the Call Cloud team on 0333 006 3091, or drop us a line here and we will call you.