Cloud Based Secure Phone System

H C Recruitment (The LR Group) is a dynamic recruitment consultancy that specialises in the provision of temporary and permanent staffing solutions to the Leisure, Industrial, Construction and Driving sectors. H C offers a friendly and personal service to clients and candidates through its team of professional consultants. The Company currently works with some of the largest and most prestigious employers in the UK. 

The New Phone System Challenge

H C Recruitment previously had an outdated ‘Feature Lines’ phone system that rapidly needed upgrading. The handsets were fast becoming unusable with some breaking altogether. H C were looking for a new phone system that could complement their existing operating systems and support their drive towards putting all of their databases and office systems into the Cloud.

Opting for the Safety & Security of the Cloud

Transferring their systems to the Cloud was a project initiated by Company Managing Director Kathryn Cooper in order to ensure the safety and security of their company data. Another benefit of moving towards the Cloud was to put the majority of the technical support responsibility onto the Cloud providers rather than it sitting in-house with someone that doesn’t necessarily have the specialist skills.

Getting set up with Call Cloud office phone system – quick and easy

Kathryn was contacted by the Call Cloud team and subsequently arranged a meeting with Director Paul Hallam to discuss the features and benefits of the system. Kathryn said:

“Paul visited our office to tell us more about the system and to find out more about our business. Paul’s knowledge and manner gave us the confidence to push ahead with a hosted phone system and we haven’t looked back.”

Once the system was appropriately scoped, the hardware was ordered and two new broadband lines were arranged. One broadband line was an Assured Line to cater for H C’s voice traffic and the other now caters for the Company’s other Internet traffic. The hardware arrived within days and in less than a week, H C’s phone system was up and running. Kathryn commented on the service from the Call Cloud team:

“Craig from Call Cloud came to set up the system with his laptop. It didn’t take him very long and it all worked perfectly. Dan from Call Cloud’s Head Office has also been helping us over the phone to ensure we’re on the right call plans etc. The whole team have been superb.”

H C’s team of five are all now using the new Call Cloud hosted phone platform software and comprehensive handsets. In the future they’d also like to take a look at the SmartPhone App which will allow them to make calls from their mobiles over the hosted platform.

The results - high quality & low-cost office telephones

The team at H C haven’t seen any reduction in the quality of sound on their lines versus their previous traditional system. However, they have really benefited from the new features available on the Call Cloud platform. Kathryn is now able to view all out-going and in-coming calls which gives her the ability to see at a glance the level of business going on and how efficiently this is being managed. The team can now guarantee that no calls are missed and all clients and prospective clients are responded within a short amount of time.

A huge benefit to this small business is the fact that they’ve seen a reduction in the cost of their calls. With local and national calls included H C have been able to fix some of their phone costs.

Kathryn summarises their experience:

“The whole process was positive. Paul was just brilliant, he spoke to us in a way we understand, no technical jargon just plain English. Everything from the service through to installation couldn’t have been better and we’re just loving the system. Thank you Call Cloud.”