Need a phone system for your new business start-up?

Top 5 reasons to choose a hosted phone system for your business

If your new or start-up business needs a phone system there is a wide range of reasons for choosing a hosted or cloud phone system such as Call Cloud. The main benefit is the immediate affordability of an Internet based phone system versus the traditional PBX system. To give you a better understanding we've provided a quick summary of what a hosted phone system is and the top 5 reasons why they're perfect for new business start-ups.

What is a hosted phone system?

A hosted/cloud/VoIP phone system is one that allows you to make calls via the Internet. It’s different from the traditional PBX business phone system as it doesn’t operate over the main standard fixed phone line network. This is particularly handy for new business start-ups because there’s no need to heavily invest in, and install cumbersome hardware in order to access the phone features you expect from a business phone system. Hosted systems run directly off software stored in the cloud – so as long as you’ve got access to the Internet, you’re good to go.

Top 5 reasons to go for a hosted phone system:

1.     Keep costs down

A Call Cloud standard user plan starts from as little at £14.95 per user per month and in most instances this covers the cost of your handsets. You can add mobile minutes to your plan which gives you more certainty over your costs. Mobile minutes are essentially ‘pooled’ which means that extra call charges can be avoided as long as everyone in your account collectively doesn’t exceed the number of minutes. Set up costs can also be avoided as the technically-savvy can even install it themselves.

2.     Get set up quickly

Selecting the components for your system can be done instantly with the Call Cloud ‘build your own’ form which means you don’t have to sit through a sales presentation. Once ordered there’s no complex hardware to install so a hosted phone system can be set up in next to no time. Handsets can be delivered to you within days and the system software is available online immediately. If you require an assured line for your phone system this can be activated in just 10 working days.

3.     Access all the features you need

The Call Cloud hosted phone system offers an abundance of features, so there’s no need to assume it’s not as good as a traditional phone system. You still get features such as call transferring, call parking, music on hold, marketing messages, a single central phone number and many more. Plus all features, phone settings and call data is available to access via a central online administration portal. A wide range of handsets are available with the Call Cloud system giving you access to an ever increasing feature set. New phone system features are released regularly and you won’t need to upgrade your handsets to access them as they are installed in the cloud rather than onto your system locally.

4.     Add more users & phones easily

As the phone system is hosted in the cloud, it can be scaled-up very easily. This means it can grow with your business and there’s no need to purchase additional hardware to increase capacity. To add users to your system, simply call the team at Call Cloud to order additional handsets and the team will add users to your account. You can even add users that aren’t based in the business premises, so it’s great if you have a team of remote workers or satellite offices. The phone system will still work as a virtual internal system with the ability to transfer and conference calls as you would if you were under the same roof.

5.     Moving premises is easy

As new businesses grow they can often need to move into new premises. The great thing about a hosted phone system is that you don’t need to call out an Engineer to disconnect your existing system and re-install it in your new premises. A quick phone call to the Call Cloud team will see them arrange for your new assured line to be connected to the new premises and services routed to the new location. The team at Call Cloud can even ensure your calls are redirected to another number while your services are being reconnected so you’ll never be without service. All you have to do is unplug your phones and plug them into your new premises. You’ll automatically keep the same business phone number, direct dials, regional codes and all of your system settings will be as they were.

Get in touch with Call Cloud

If you’re starting a new business and need a phone solution that is affordable and easy to implement, start with an instant quote using our build your own form or get in touch with the team at Call Cloud email or call 0333 006 3091.