Choosing a robust hosted business phone system

The Mortgage Shop - needing a phone system with higher reliability

With over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Mortgage Shop in Cheshire provides advice for investments, insurance and mortgages. The Mortgage Shop assists customers with complicated mortgage requests to help fulfil their investment goals. Its five-strong office team are on hand to help customers find the best deal and to guide them through the application process. The business’s incoming calls are crucial for business growth and therefore need to be well-managed.

The challenge – looking for a reliable office phone system

Mortgage Shop had been with its telecoms provider for over 15 years and was noticing an increase in the unreliability of the phone system. It was becoming very common for one of the three phone lines to be out of service. When trying to address this with their provider, it became ever more costly and time consuming and began to impact on their client communications.  Roy Pinches Mortgage Shop proprietor said:

“The frequency of down-time was becoming unacceptable and resolving the many issues was starting to get expensive. There seemed to be problems with the cabling on the high street which was never properly resolved. In the end we knew we just had to get a new phone system and used the opportunity to look at new handsets too.”

After speaking to an industry IT specialist about alternative reliable phone systems Roy decided to look into hosted phone systems. Roy had understood that an Internet based phone system could help them to bypass the standard fixed phone networks and to save money on their calls and line charges.

Hosted phone systems – an abundance of handy features

After looking at several suppliers and gathering quotes the Mortgage Shop selected Call Cloud as its hosted phone solution. The team at Call Cloud were able to offer advice about the new hardware required for the phone system and helped to make the switch over from the old analogue phone line to the new fast-speed fibre connection. The Mortgage Shop now also has the added benefit of much faster Internet services in addition to the new phone system.

Roy and his team have been able to make the most of many features available on Call Cloud. Roy said

“All staff can now pick up voicemail messages, rather than relying on one person in the office. A really useful tool we’ve found is that during out of office hours our voicemail messages are emailed to us as attachments. This means we’re able to quickly pick up messages and respond there and then if necessary. This gives us great peace of mind, but also enables us to be more responsive for our customers.”

The result – an office phone system we can trust & afford

The Mortgage Shop has experienced no down-time since installing the new system which allows them to provide a seamless customer experience. The Mortgage Shop are also confident that they have been able to reduce their monthly phone bills by enjoying the free local and national calls offered by the system. Roy finishes by adding…

“Moving from an exchange system to a hosted system is an elevation of our professional communications. We’ve now got more capability and control with the added benefit of reduced costs. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Call Cloud hosted phone system to other small businesses.”

Get in touch with Call Cloud

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss Internet-based phone systems and how the Call Cloud could help your financial services business to make savings, email or give us a call on 0333 006 3091.