Multi Site, Flexible Business Phone Systems (Case Study - MAS Retail, Fareham)

Choosing the right business phone system for a property maintenance company

Call Cloud provide affordable, feature-rich hosted business phone systems in the UK. If you’re looking for an easy to install office phone system that has great features, is simple to scale up or down and offers low cost call charges - then a hosted business phone system could be the answer!

Our Customer - MAS Retail

MAS Retail is the property maintenance arm of the MAS Group of companies and offers maintenance, repair and restoration services to commercial and domestic properties across the South of England. MAS Retail are now the go-to people in retail if you’re looking for a team to help transform your premises or change their use. MAS Retail offer an end-to-end solution for property maintenance and refurbishment supported by its team of office-based staff, remote Project Managers and its team of tradesmen out in the field.

MAS Retail was established quickly after identifying a need in the market which could be met by combining two existing MAS divisions. Once a decision was made to proceed with the venture, a new standalone office facility was required in record time.

The interior fit-out of the premises was obviously second nature for MAS, but installing a new phone system required careful consideration. 

The business telephone system challenge

MAS Retail wanted to be prudent when setting up the business so were reluctant to opt for excessive hardware that could require costly maintenance and support. Due to the ambitions of the organisation, MAS also needed something that could be easily and quickly scaled-up in the future.

MAS Retail had various telephony challenges to consider including the need to cover multiple sites across the country as well as meeting the needs of their field based team. MAS needed to find a system that met these requirements as well as suit their conservative start-up budget.

  • great connectivity with customers
  • easy to set up and use office phones
  • multiple sites & remote workers
  • low start up costs
  • no excessive telephony hardware
  • affordable maintenance and support
  • easy to scale up in the future

Choosing a hosted phone system

Matt Sandom, Group CEO for the MAS Group looked into various business phone systems and came across the growing concept of hosted or Cloud based phone systems. Matt was aware that his new office had recently had fibre to the premises installed and therefore an Internet based phone system could be the answer. When researching providers, Matt stumbled across the Call Cloud website. Matt said:

“The simple online ‘build your own’ form was great, it meant I could really easily see how much the physical system and phone calls were going to cost without having to arrange an appointment with a sales person which is something that I just didn’t have the time to sit through.”

Matt received a confirmation of his quote via email instantly and shortly after received a follow-up phone call from the guys at Call Cloud. Just a few days later the handsets were on their way and the Internet phone connection set up. 

The results - transition to the Call Cloud hosted phone system has been faultless!

The top priority for MAS Retail has been the connectivity with its customers, ensuring that its customers can contact the right person easily. Due to the geographical spread of its business, frequent and clear communication is vital. Matt goes on to say:

“We’ve been able to maintain strong communication channels with all of our employees, sub-contractors and customers so the transition to the Cloud system has been faultless. One of the biggest wins has been with our remote workers, they’ve been able to take a handset back to their offices and plug straight in. They can use the central phone number and we haven’t had to go through a complex process of updating the phone settings from Head Office.”

The Call Cloud online customer portal has enabled Matt and his team to update their phone system from any location via an Internet-enabled device. This gives them much greater control over their communications allowing them to provide really efficient customer service.

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